Biopesticide Trichoderma from the manufacturer

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The proposed biological product Trichodermin from the manufacturer.

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- self-delivery from the factory in Nikolaev.

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The preparation containing disputes and a mycelium of a mushroom-antagonist Trichoderma lignorum, and produced by the fungus in the course of production cultivation biologically active substances.

Main applications:

- treatment of planting material, seeds, seedlings, saplings;

- protection from fungal diseases (in the process of reproduction fungi produce antibiotics that destroy fungal pathogens and putrefactive diseases of agricultural crops; someone else using the mycelium as a nutrient medium, destroy fungi pathogenic);

- biodegradation of cellulose and straw (chopped straw remaining on the fields working solution (5 l of the drug per 1 ha) followed by incorporation into the soil, forms 3-4 tons of organic fertilizers

Quality results are achieved biopesticide Trichodermin in the closed ground. The drug inhibits the development patogenov, enriches the soil with nutrients, stimulates the growth and development of plants. The drug is applied against the gray and white rot, black leg, scab, scab, disease, blight, and other diseases.

With proper and timely application of the drug increases germination and yield of crops, reduced the infection of plants by root rots.

Advantages of application of biological preparation of Trichoderma:

Biologically active substances (enzymes and antibiotics (gliotoxin, viridin, Trichoderma, etc.)) produced by Trichoderma inhibit the development of many types of pathogens and inhibit their reproductive ability.

- With its high biological activity, rapidly developing the substrate that actively decomposes organic compounds; participates in the processes of nitrification and ammonification;.

- Recommended against root and foliar diseases (late blight, black leg, powdery mildew, downy mildew, scab, fruit rots, peach curl, wilting of young shoots, rust, gray and white rot of the fruit (the stem) and many others).

- Used for pre-decontamination of the soil, seed dressing, soaking saplings, seedlings, foliar feeding; when working against phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria; degradation of crop residues. Effective on any type of soil.

- The product can be used in mixes with chemical pesticides, except those which contain copper and mercury.

- Biological product does not have harmful effects on the environment, people, warm-blooded animals, fish, bees and other useful organisms of biocenosis, and is not phytotoxic for cultivated and wild plants.

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