Biopesticide Haupsyn (Planes) from the manufacturer

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The proposed biological product Haupsyn from the manufacturer.

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- self-delivery from the factory in Nikolaev.

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Haupsyn - integrated insecto - fungicidal biopesticide for plants.

Active substance: bacteria Pseudomonas chlororaphis subsp. Aureofaciens

Flow rate:

processing 1 ha: 5 years of preparation, the amount of water - 200 - 300 l

- treatment 1 acres: 60 g product per 3 litres of water

- pre-processing: 3-5 l per 1 ton of seeds, the working fluid - 10 l, the number of treatments depends on farming, culture, interest, diseases/pests


- prevention, control of pests/diseases of crops

- stimulates growth/development of the vegetative mass of the plants root system

- extra nourishing culture by transforming hard minerals in easily digestible plant form

- processing of vegetables/fruits for longer storage

- increases the survival rate of seedlings/saplings, vigor/druzhnost germination of seeds, the yield of agricultural crops

- reduces application rates of mineral fertilizers, chemical means of protection with timely prophylactic use

- good compatibility in tank mixtures (except fungicides and other drugs that do not contain a chlorine, copper, mercury)

- increases frost resistance/heat resistance/drought resistance, removes from the stress of culture after co-treatments with herbicides

- safety for all living organisms

- environmentally safe, non-toxic


- processing of seed/planting materials

- the top-dressing of vegetating plants

- processing of fruits of vegetables/fruit before putting it in long-term storage

Indications (diseases and pests)


Manilius, curl, white blotch, scab, aphids, moth, cherry and plum fly, caterpillars, fruit rots. Treatment producing since flowering and prior to harvest every 15 days.


Oidium, mildew, powdery mildew black spot, gray mold, leaf rollers, grape Sudani, paphinia tick. Spraying to start with 20-25 may and repeat every 15 days until harvest.

Vegetables and berries:

Powdery mildew, bacteriosis, late blight, Septoria leaf spot, black rot, scab, aphids. Spraying to produce upon detection of the first signs of the disease. If necessary, treatment repeat after 15 days.


Rust, smut, bread ê, wheat trippy, bug-bug. Haupsyn is also used for seed dressing, soaking of seedlings and roots of seedlings before planting, Haupsyn removes root rot, and is a plant growth stimulator.

Application instruction:

- for bacteria, you need to wait 30 minutes after preparation of the solution

- treatment is carried out in the evening/early morning ( in cloudy weather and do not expose it to UV)

- during processing, the average temperature should be below +10C

- the working fluid is used within 24 hours

- life/work of bacteria in the plant is about 12-15 days

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